Parents & Children


Children are wonderfully resilient! However, from the moment that they come into this world they face physical challenges, as they learn to walk, ride a bike, or play their favorite sport. Even the birth process can strain muscles that support the spine. Difficulties with sleeplessness, postural alignment, digestion, and ear infections are common complaints of childhood. Balancing the spine and extremities using specific, hands-on mobilization of the soft tissues and joints can help kids recover fast.

Pregnancy and childbirth can also create back and neck pain for new mothers! Carrying and nursing infants sometimes causes unfamiliar strains and discomforts. Practical problem-solving, as well as structural work on joints, muscles, and soft tissues, can resolve many of the problems that mothers of babies and young children experience.

As a doctor and mother, Dr. Wright is highly experienced in working with patients in the first weeks and years of life, and finds the results of treating them especially rewarding for all concerned. We can give children the very best that life has to offer.